Women Health Screenings

Classic Female Health
Premier Female Health
Gold Female Health
Medical assessment with analysis of questionnaire
Physical examination with blood pressure, weight, height and BMI check
Comprehensive blood test for anaemia, infection, Diabetes, gout, liver and kidney functions, full cholesterol profile and glucose (sugar)
Thyroid function blood test
Allergy profile
Vitamin D
Tumour markers for breast cancer (CA153)
Urine analysis for presence of blood, infection, Diabetes and kidneys disease
Stool test for the presence of hidden blood that can suggest bowel cancer
Resting ECG test
Exercise treadmill ECG test
Echocardiogram with doppler
CT heart (coronary calcium score)
Chest X-ray for lung diseases, infections and lung cancer
Abdomen, pelvic and transvaginal US scan for ovarian cancer
Breast ultrasound for cancer
Mammogram for breast cancer
DEXA scan
Cervical smear
Personalised medical report
Classic Female Health
Any age
90 minutes
Premier Female Health
Over 40s
2 hours
Gold Female Health
Over 45s
3 hours