Stroke Prevention Screening

Carotid Artery Disease

Your carotid arteries are the two large main blood vessels in your neck that supply blood to your brain. When these arteries become clogged with cholesterol (fatty deposits), they become dangerously narrow. If a blood clot occurs in the carotid arteries, then blood cannot reach the brain and this can result in a Stroke.


Risk Factors

Family history of carotid disease or coronary artery disease (fatty plaque)


Overweight or obesity


High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Who should have this assessment?

  • Anyone over age 50
  • Anyone over age 40 with risk factors or family history of carotid artery or heart diseases


How do I prepare for a carotid artery screening?

  • Wear a shirt that is open collar, if possible
  • Fast for 8 hours (no food or sugary drinks, water only) for the blood test

Stroke Prevention Screening

– Carotid Doppler
– Resting ECG test
– Lipid (cholesterol) profile blood test
– Glucose and Insulin levels blood test


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