Membership & Concierge Doctor

When you join the Lumen Physicians Membership Programme you will have access to our concierge doctor, highly personalised care and cutting edge health technology, as well as:

  • Same day appointments at our Harley Street practice
  • Text messaging and email access to our doctor
  • Yearly electrocardiogram and fasting cholesterol testing
  • Carotid ultrasound (plaque determination)
  • Prompt follow up and explanation of all tests
  • Fast referral to specialists in all areas if needed
  • Admission to hospital with a consultant and coordinated with the admission care

Membership rates

  • Individuals Under 40: £700 per year (couples £900 per year)
  • Individuals from 40-60: £1,300 per year (couples £1,600 per year)
  • Individuals over 60 years old: £1,800 per year (couples £2,300 per year)

To request more information on our membership scheme, please email us at or call us on 020 7580 3145