International Patients Services

Travelling abroad for medical treatment can be a daunting prospect. When you choose Lumen Physicians, you can rest assured that your choice is the right one.

International patients come to us from all over the world. Our long history of excellence gives us the experience to treat you well and our innovation in medical care means that your treatment will be the best available.

We offer world class primary care with high quality medical services.

Appointments are available at short notice to fit your busy schedule.

Good communication

At Lumen Physicians interpreters are available to assist in the communication between health care providers and patients whose first language is not English.

Government sponsored patients

If your government is sponsoring your treatment, please contact us so we can arrange to treat you at our excellent facilities. We accept ‘letters of guarantee’ from many different countries.

Company sponsored patients

We work with many different companies who fund treatment abroad for employees and their families. If your company is funding your treatment, please contact us for more information.

Experienced medical interpreters can attend appointments, translate patient education materials, and offer other assistance as needed.

Patients should indicate if they need an interpreter when requesting an appointment at Lumen Physicians. A full time professional Arabic interpreter is also available.