Premier Cancer & Heart Screening

As part of our unique service, we recognise that medical consultations and health screenings can be stressful for some people. Here is a break down of our Premier Cancer & Heart Screening’s, and the exact process breakdown that is undertaken for each of our patients.


Preventative medical check-ups help you can get insight into your current and potential future health status. Maybe you suspect that something is wrong, or maybe you just want an investigation of your health as a precaution.

On the day of your appointment, you will have an introductory discussion with one of our senior doctors. They will go through the scan schedule with you, check all your details and give you any information you might require. They will also ask you a few questions based on the medical questionnaire. The examinations conducted with us are of the highest quality, and are performed with the most advanced equipment. All of our staff are here to ensure your comfort and wellbeing, and to provide you with a professional service.


After your scan, we will organise a mutually convenient consultation with one of our senior medical team for a detailed discussion of your results.

Our physician will explain all the results and identify any potential medical problems which might impact on your overall health. They will help you define your current health status and any necessary lifestyle changes. If your assessment requires that you would benefit from a further specialist opinion, we can arrange a rapid referral to one of our panel of leading Harley Street consultant specialists.

While you may start to feel the benefits from your assessment immediately, it may take a bit longer to achieve your goals and integrate them into your everyday life. We will support you throughout every stage of this process by recommending a schedule for any follow-up consultations. This will ensure we are able to give you the practical tools you need to help you identify and adjust to any new or additional issues that might arise in the future.


We use the most advances and comprehensive suite of imaging equipment available in the UK. This gives the unique ability to provide a superior health assessment, aimed at optimising your health and wellbeing.


Using cutting-edge Doppler colour flow ultrasound technology, we visualise the structure and measure blood flow of the carotid arteries while. This test detects blockages or narrowings of your carotid arteries, which can increase risk of stroke.


An ultrasound scan that evaluates the structure and function of the heart muscles and valves. It helps identify your heart size, pumping strength, any damage to heart muscle, valve and chamber problems, and heart defects such as abnormal connections between the heart and major blood vessels or complex heart defect present at birth. It is one of the main tools used to help avoid sudden death.


An advanced scan to directly visualise the inside of the heart arteries to determine the exact location and severity of any blockage in the arteries (coronary artery disease), including the so-called soft plaque which cannot be visualised by any other means, but which are the most likely to rupture and cause heart attacks.


These scans help to detect any problems in the upper abdominal and pelvic organs such as; kidney stones, fatty liver, gallstones and other inflammatory diseases. In women, the pelvic ultrasound will assess the reproductive organs and urinary tract and helps identifying problems e.g. fibroids, cervical and ovarian cancer. In men, this will look at the prostate gland and bladder. It can detect enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hypertrophy) or tumours.


To assist in early detection of breast cancer, the breast ultrasound is recommended for women under 40. Mammograms are recommended for women over 40 years of age.


Complete blood and urine profile including cholesterol, full blood count, liver and kidney functions, glucose (Diabetes), inflammatory markers, lipids profile and uric acid for gout, as well as tumor markers (ovary and breasts) and Prostate Profile (for men).

Cost: £2,780

How to book

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