Blood Tests

We offer a wide range of blood tests which check for a variety of diseases and conditions. Most results are made available within 24 hours or less. Please see below a selection of our main blood tests (additional tests are available upon request):


Haematology and biochemistry inclusive of lipids profile £120
Lipids profile (cholesterols & triglycerides) £44
Full Thyroid Profile £145
UK Allergy Profile £159
Cardiovascular Risk Profile £285
Prostate profile £76
Testosterone levels £43
Tumour Markers £99 each


Pregnancy Test £65
Vitamin B12 £54
Vitamin D £65
Diabetic Profile £50
Menopause profile £118
Female Hormone Profile £118
Male Hormone Profile £145
Urine test for microscopy and culture £65

At GP Harley Street, no consultation fee is charged when you book a blood test only.

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