Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to provide personalised high quality private medical care to individuals, families and companies. We are committed to delivering the best available service in medicine.

The latest technology and first class facilities

Procedures such as cardiac tests, CT Scans, x-rays, mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs and others can be taken at the time of the appointment, on site.

Treating patients as individuals

As part of our unique service, we recognise that medical consultations and health screenings can be stressful for some people. With that in mind, we treat all patients as individuals, respect them accordingly and aim to fulfil all their medical needs.

Getting to know patients is key to this so that a trusting open rapport can be built ensuring any worries or concerns are expressed at the earliest opportunity and dealt with accordingly.

With Lumen Physicians you don’t need to take risks with your health.