Blood Tests in Harley Street

Are you looking for blood tests in Harley Street? We offer a wide range of blood diagnostics in the world’s premier health centre.

From cancer markers and allergy panels to more general tests such as haematology and lipids profile, at our clinic you will have access to the most advanced blood tests available in medicine. We have some of the best rates and the fastest turnaround time. Most results are made available within 24 hours of the sample collection and you can receive them by email should wish to.

At our clinic you will receive unparalleled confidential care in a clinical yet relaxing environment. Your results will include the doctor’s comments and advice on the applicable course of action.

We are renowned for our expertise in providing blood tests in Harley Street. Your samples will be processed and managed by the most trusted laboratories in the UK.

How to book your blood test in Harley Street

Appointments can be made by calling 020 7580 3145

or online:

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