Health Check-Ups

Looking after your health and well-being matters to you and those around you. We face a growing number of health risks and diseases especially as we get older so maintaining good health could not be more important.

CT Screenings

GP Harley Street specifically screen for three of the main causes of death in the UK: heart disease, lung cancer and colon cancer.

Full Body Scans

Discover any threats to your health before it is too late.

Cardiac Screenings

We work with a renowned team of cardiologists, cardiac physiologists, heart surgeons and private hospitals, providing accurate and fast reporting, and treatment as and when necessary.

Blood Tests

We offer a wide range of blood tests which check for a variety of diseases and conditions, and most results are made available within 24 hours.

Private GP Services

We offer GP consultations only including full medical examination, treatment and referral to a specialist should it be necessary, for £150.

About Us

Our centre was established in 1990 with the aim to provide the highest standard of healthcare for our patients. We are committed to delivering the best available service in private medicine.

Fixed Price Policy

We guarantee fixed prices with a transparent pricing policy. We offer a range of medical tests and health screenings at a straightforward cost.

Situated in the prestigious Harley Street medical district in London, we are one of the best providers of private medicine in the UK.

Getting to know each patient is key to us, so that trusting open rapport can be built, ensuring any worries or concerns are dealt with at the earliest opportunity.
We offer a wide range of medical check-ups and the most advanced investigations and treatments available. Please select the service of your choice by using the navigation menus available.

Our reputation has been built on both the exceptional level of our medical expertise and devotion to our patient’s comfort and well-being for almost 30 years.

We focus on customer care – combining the warmth of individual patient care with medical excellence delivered by the highest-calibre doctors and staff. We are committed to delivering the highest possible quality of medical care and clinical excellence in a very professional and efficient manner.


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